For use at disaster sites, cutting-edge sites of logistics and construction sites
Drone-mountable general-purpose small electric winch

Drone-mountable to enable delivery of items without the need to land.Cooperative control of multiple units offers a new approach to inspection of buildings and bridges, tasks conventionally regarded as challenging.
Enables activities in places inaccessible and beyond the reach of human beings.
Using GLOBERIDE’s advanced fishing reel technology, the electric winch offers a high level of safety and enables the performance of delicate work.Opens up possibilities in all kinds of fields including transportation, measurements and recording.

General-purpose small electric winchPhotographs supplied by WAKO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

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Drone-mountable general-purpose small electric winch

Reel up safety.

Performing dangerous, difficult work in place of human beings

Mounted on a drone, the electric winch is
capable of tasks including:
Inspections such as the inside of chimney
of factories and plants
Disaster site and underwater photography
Cooperative control enables:
Support for transportation of small
items for construction work
Building and bridge inspections

Reel up probability of survival.

Supports delivery of medical and food supplies to disaster sites.

Mounted on drones for safe, fast,
unmanned deliveries with no need for landing.
Delivery of items such as food and
medical supplies to accident or disaster
sites in places such as mountainous and
woodland areas
Also useful in fires or at earthquake sites
Capable of delivering lifesaving items
such as ropes and lifebelts to people stranded
in floods.

Reel up more ideas.

Realization of logistics and other diverse ideas

The drone-mounted winch enables:
Delivery of supplies to homes in places
such as isolated islands and mountainous areas
Connection to the last one mile of
next-generation logistics
Cooperative control enables:
Work such as painting and restoration of
outside and inside walls
Use as a stage performance device
Realization of new transportation routes with
in a factory and in factories
Painting such as mural and ceiling

FUNCTIONHigh levels of functionality and safety

Level hoisting

The cord level hoisting system using an oscillator enables device downsizing and prevention of entanglement problems.

Level hoisting
Prevention of tangling problems
The cord-length and end sensors provide twofold safety to prevent self-destruction to the device when tangling the cord into the winch.
Prevention of reversal when the motor is stopped
A mechanical brake is equipped to prevent the device falling under its own weight when the motor is off.
Remote (proportional) controller
The winch can be controlled remotely using a commercially available transmitter to perform operations such as hoisting and zero resetting.
Radio transmission of winch information
Winch information such as cord length, electric current and the device temperature can be transmitted to remote areas in real time.
Cable transmission of winch information (UART communication)
Winch information can be transmitted to a UART communication device through a connected cable.
Prevention of cord entanglement by tension control

The tension sensor limits winch operation in zero-tension status to prevent cord entanglement.

Prevention of cord entanglement by tension control

SPECDetailed Specifications

General-purpose small electric winch1General-purpose small electric winch2
General-purpose small electric winch
Self-weight:Approximately 630 g
Dimensions:110mm (W) x 82mm (H) x 72mm (D)
Assumed load:8kgf max.
Winching speed:Approximately 0.7m/s (14.8V, 5kgf load)
Maximum output:Approximately 55W
Cord length:80m (PE line No.12, Breaking load: Approximately 70kgf)
Assumed power supply:DC7.2 to 22.2V
Other functions: Cord length measurement function, winch information radio transmission function, winch information cable transmission function (UART communication), winching problem prevention control using cord slack, end switch and length sensors

Video of use of the general-purpose small electric winch

Karakuri carabiner
Auto-open unloading hook “Karakuri carabiner”
Self-weight:Approximately 70g
Dimensions:92.6mm (W) x 112.4mm (H) x 20.5mm (D)
Assumed load:0.5 to 8kg *Static load

User’s Manual(PDF)
Coming Soon

Video showing images of use of the “Karakuri carabiner”